FLOWER Pretty Deadly Fragrance Mist - Lethal Oleander

$4 $10

Discover a forbidden garden of fatal flowers, alluringly beautiful but too dangerous to touch. Experience their enchanting scent through this narcotic fragrance collection. A lighter scent to our Pretty Deadly Lethal Oleander EDP. Create an alluring scent that is truly lethal. The fresh scent tempts with a blend of crisp citrus and white florals on top. Neroli, white oleander, and orange blossom create a mesmerizing experience, while monoi flower and jasmine linger throughout the heart. Addictive background notes of creamy coconut, sun-kissed woods and sweet skin musk round out a scent that truly entices.

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Hold the bottle five to seven inches away from your body and spray each area once. Be sure to mist the fragrance onto your skin.

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