Ultimate Eyeshadow Brush


FLOWER Ultimate Eyeshadow Makeup Brush. Use to apply & blend eyeshadow Softest, finest man-made hair Washable brush head

The Flower Ultimate Eyeshadow Makeup Brush is designed to create a soft, all-over eye effect. Developed with faux hair, it picks up color with ease and glides it effortlessly onto the skin. Its handle is designed for true comfort and balance. FLOWER ULTIMATE Brushes are designed to bring ease and luxury to the process of creating your look _ They make expert makeup application easy!



How To Use

Load a comfortable amount of product onto the brush and be weary of excess powder. Lightly press color into the eyelid, and gently sweep color over the crease and brow bone. Blending is your best friend. Using a wind-shield wiper motion, gently stroke the brush in the crease area to blend the color back and forth until you achieve desired finish. Make sure to either use a different brush or clean the brush off, ensuring any remaining powder wont interfere with the next step of your application.


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