Ultimate Kabuki Brush


FLOWER Ultimate Kabuki Brush. Use with any powder Softest, finest man-made hair Washable brush head

Achieve the most seamless powder application with this ultra-soft Flower Beauty Ultimate Kabuki Brush developed with faux hair. The Kabuki design and dense brush head buff powder into skin for a natural finish. Compact design makes it easily portable. Wash hair only in warm, soapy water as needed.



Allow the dense bristle of this brush to buff out all your hard work post makeup application. Great tool to sheer out any powder application on your face, of even use with a finishing Translucent Powder, like Miracle Matte Translucent Powder to set your look completely. Keep in mind that being that this is a tighter brush it will definitely sheer out your application if you use it bare, or it will deposit more color if you use with a pigmented product like Power Trip Foundation.