FLOWER Pretty Deadly Fragrance Mist - Jasmin Venom

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Discover a forbidden garden of fatal flowers, alluringly beautiful but too dangerous to touch. Experience their enchanting scent through this narcotic fragrance collection. A lighter scent to our Pretty Deadly Jasmin Venom EDP. The scent captures a fatal sensuality with creamy exoticism, and dark woods. The top lures with a burst of plum and ripe berry to introduce the scent. In the heart, a blend of black vanilla and jasmine petals add a seductive touch. It finishes with a layer of rich, textured woods and smooth amber with a hint of musk for the right blend of tempting and lasting warmth.

Awarded: CEW Mass Scent Award 2019

Excluded from additional discounts.
Hold the bottle five to seven inches away from your body and spray each area once. Be sure to mist the fragrance onto your skin.

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